Bulleh Shah

Bulleh Shah

Bulleh Shah Poetry – A  legend in Sufisim, Baba Bulleh Shah is a famous Punjabi Language poet. The Full name of Bulleh Shah was Syed Abdullah Shah Qadri. He was a Punjabi Sufi poet. He practiced and improved the Sufi tradition of Punjabi poetry that considers one of the greatest Punjabi collection of all time. His style of writing poetry is famous as “Kafi”. He wrote a large content of work includes Athwara, Baramah, Shiarfi, Oeodh, Gandhan and Kafi. Bulleh Shah Poetry describes the meaning of life and expressed the search of GOD in a very beautiful manner. Bulleh Shah Poetry strikes the reader is his bold and arrogant critique on the several topic related to society points. Bulleh Shah Poetry spread a simple concept of humanity, faith, thoughts and creed by which any individual can get a higher level.

Bulleh Shah belongs to the century of famous Sindhi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhttai and it overcome with the legendary Waris Shah, and Sachal Sarmast. The style of Sufi poetry of all these Sufi poets reflects with each other. Bulleh Shah Poetry is not limited to ancient times, in this era, Pakistani and Indian media industry has used Bulleh Shah Poetry in various music albums,songs and movies. Some of the popular Bulleh Shah Shayari used in films and music are Bulleh Ki Jana, Bandya Hu, and Aik Aliff to name a someone.

Bulleh Shah Poetry, Ghazal & Shayari is popular among the locals or international Punjabi People of all oevr the world. You can read the latest collection of Bulleh Shah Poetry, Shayari and Ghazals from Haledil.com. We Provide you the best collection of Bulleh Shah Poetry. Feel free to visit and remind memories from some well known collection of Poetry, Shayari & Ghazal by Baba Bulleh Shah. You can read, submit and share your favorite Bulleh Shah Ghazal and Shayari

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