Aina Name

Aina is a Hindu Girl name Which meaning is the woman with beautiful eyes.The aina name Originates from the Hindi Language. The Lucky Number for the aina name is 5. There are two lucky metals and days for the Aina name is Sunday and Tuesday, lucky metals are copper and Iron.

Aina Name

You can Search aina name meaning here on complete encyclopedia of Urdu name meaning and the lucky gemstone pieces of information. Feel free to check Aina name and other Muslims boys and girls name meaning in our dictionary of names. Newborn English and Urdu name meanings .check the spellings of Aina name in English.

In Urdu:اعینہ

in English: Aina

Gender: Girl

Meaning: a woman with Beautiful eyes خوبصورت آنکھوں والی عورت

Lucky Day: Tuesday


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